Milvus Scholarship

“Milvus Group” Association for Bird Protection and Nature Conservation has been running the Milvus Scholarship Programme for high school, undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of ecology and/or nature conservation. The main aim of the programme is to support young professionals in developing individual research or assessment projects in Romania. These projects should be original, innovative and must target the main fields of activity of Milvus Group (conservation of endangered species of plants and animals, protected areas and Natura 2000 areas, monitoring).
For additional information, please contact us at the e-mail: office(at)

Winner projects in 2010

  • Imecs István – Study on Misgurnus fossilis populations in Ciuc basin and development of an efficient management plan
  • Kovács Zoltán Zsolt – Estimation on Austropotamobius torrentium populations in Valea Mare (Halmășd) brook
  • Sugár Szilárd – Large scale habitat preferences of Spalax sp. on Someș plateu and Transylvanian plain
  • Buria István – Estimation on conservation status of the only population of Colias myrmidone from Romania
  • Bolboacă Lucian Eugen – Owls from forest habitats in Romania
  • Aczél-Fridrich Zsuzsanna – Study of distribution and habitat of the Southern Birch Mouse in Transylvania

Winner projects in 2007

  • Study on the compozition and distribution of herpetological fauna in Iasi county(Romania) – Strugariu Alexandru
  • Updating faunistical data on Syrphidae Family and Aranea  Order from the Iron Gates Natural park (Sirinea river basin) – Amalia Raluca
  • Study on Chiropteras in Toșorog cave (Neamț county) -Baltag Emanuel

Winner projects in 2006

  • Evaluation of Suslik (Spermophilus citellus) populations on the Western plain, in order to designate new SCI’s – Hegyeli Zsolt
  • Study on the biology and ecology of two population of Bombina genus – Horia Bogdan
  • Study on predation behaviour of doormouses in an artificial nestbox colony in Gurgiu Mountains – Mezey Zsófia
  • Study on Euphydryas maturna population in Cheile Turzii Nature Reserve in order to work out efficient conservation measures – Nagy Amália
  • Herpetological mapping in Brasov county. Initiation of youth interested in herpetological fieldwork. – Sos Tibor

Winner projects in 2005

  • Study on fish fauna of Olt and Râul Negru rivers backwaters in Covasna county, with special concearn on rare and endangered stagnophilous species – Hegyeli Zsolt
  • Herpetological and ornithological mapping of Ciupercenii Noi area and of Bistreț lake (Dolj County) – Manci Cosmin Ovidiu
  • Comparing the fish fauna of Halmasd and Iaz creeks – Nagy András Attila
  • Study on Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) density on Somes river – Vinkler Tivadar