Our vision

We envision a world where people live in balance with nature, see it as a core value and everyone acts accordingly.

Our mission

We are committed to safeguarding our natural heritage.

We carry out applied research and conservation work for endangered species, raise awareness and educate people, monitor compliance with nature conservation regulations and engage in influencing environmental policies.

Our values

EXPERTISE: our staff includes biologists and ecologists with longstanding experience in nature conservation.

CREDIBILITY: in making decisions, we rely on best practice models and our field experience.

PERSEVERANCE: we have been committed to our mission since we founded our organization in 1991.

Brief history of the Organisation 

2010 - present

Thanks to the EU funds, we realise that one can live off nature conservation as long as one does it passionately and believes in it. But there comes bureaucracy in our lives and it uses up more and more of our time. 

We begin to understand very soon that we cannot solve all problems. However, we still try to. After the designation of protected areas, we become custodians of several sites, which consumes a huge amount of our energy. We have been rescuing birds for a long time and the moment has arrived to get to the next level. Together with Vets4Wild, we are creating a nationwide network and build professional aviaries. With more or less success, we are influencing the economy branches with the biggest consequences on nature. For instance, we are trying to change the financial support system in the agricultural sector to make it friendlier with nature and small farmers by developing new agri-environment schemes. We strive to give a voice to nature in other policies, too: forest management and wildlife hunting. We carry out projects that aim at the conservation of several species: the Lesser Spotted Eagle, the Saker Falcon, the European Roller etc. We have a few memorable achievements over these years. Over 15 pairs of Saker Falcon (one of the nearly extinct nesting species) are now nesting in the western part of the country, using the artificial nests that we have previously installed. We also started some monitoring programmes by ourselves or together with the Romanian Ornithological Society. We initiate numerous censuses and learn more than in all the previous years combined about the bird populations (but also about other species, i.e. the European Ground Squirrel) and their distribution in Romania. Within our ecological education programme, we keep seminars for teachers all over the country and we publish many guidebooks. The Milvus Scholarship supports the research of students engaged in nature conservation.


After Romania joined the European Union, we achieved our biggest success: we had been focusing for years on the designation of Natura 2000 sites and thanks to us, the network of protected areas in Romania nowadays covers 24% of the country’s surface. The White Stork and the birds of prey play an important role in our activities – we mainly focus on the Lesser Spotted Eagle, Red-Footed Falcon, Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon etc. The organisation does not focus only on birds, but also on mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish – anything related to nature conservation. We are also starting our environmental education programme.


Besides the academic studies, the first relevant project is carried out – we had been organizing bird ringing camps in the Gurghiu Mountains for ten years, and for two years on Chituc Spit. 


in autumn a few bird enthusiasts founded ,,Milvus Group” Association in the kitchen of Mr Zoli Szombath. 

Photo: © Adrian Baltariu