We are launching the Milvus Scholarships!

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Passionate about nature, student, master or doctoral student? The Milvus Scholarship can help you in your research.

What do we offer?

We support 3 or 4 projects of 4 500 RON, whether they are conducted individually or by a group.

However, potential financial support will only be given, to those topics that coincide with the Milvus Group’s overall goals! So, pay attention to issues related to endangered and / or protected species, protected areas and Natura 2000 sites, monitoring activities.

You can submit the project until?

Deadline for submitting projects is 19 March 2018 at office@milvus.ro, istvan.komaromi@milvus.ro

HERE you can find the registration form!

To encourage you!

Last year, Alina Georgiana Cislariu with the help of a  Milvus Scholarship managed to identify populations of Ligularia sibirica, a species protected by the Habitats Directive (Annexes II and IV), in 5 mesotrophic swamps in NW Romania, assessed the size of the populations and recorded the threatening factors.

Radac Alexandru conducted a study on the identification and distribution of allogeneic species of  Bean weevil (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) and True bugs(Hemiptera: Heteroptera) alohtone on the territory of Romania. He identified 78 locations for 10 new alien species for Romania, as well as 5 new heteroptera species for Romanian fauna (Kleidocerys privignus, Paromius gracilis, Tuponia elegans, Tuponia hyppophaes, Tuponia macedonica).

Be the next MILVUS scholar!

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