Róbert Zeitz (Bobi)

vicepresident, ecologist

Tamás Papp

president, biologist

Zsolt Hegyeli

vicepresident, biologist


Zsuzsanna Aczél-Fridrich (Zsani)

Orsolya Barabás

Lőrinc Bărbos

Vince Biró

Éva Csifó

J. Szilárd Daróczi

Csaba Domokos

Attila Dósa (Borzos)

Zsuzsánna Fekete

Krisztina Havadtői

Atilla Márton Kelemen

Réka Beáta Kiss

Réka Komáromi

Hajnal Kuti

Andreea Miholcsa

Attila Nagy

Gergő Nagy

Kinga Nagy

Edgár Papp (Mörfi)

D. Judith Papp

Katalin Parragh (Kelemen)

György Sajnár

Tibor Sos

Zoltán D. Szabó (Zola)

Réka Szilágyi

Laura Turdean


Gábor Bóné

Anna Dénes

Attila Fülöp

Tihamér Fülöp

Kinga Kovács

István Komáromi

Tibor Kulcsár

Attila Marton

András Attila Nagy

Szilárd Sugár

They worked with us

Mareike Brix

Enikő Dabóczi

Dénes Csíki

Borbála Deák

Andreea Dehelean

Luca Dehelean

Borbála Györfy (Bori)

Alina Ioniță

Attila Kecskés

István Kovács

Hana Latková

Imola Merza

Zsófia Mezey

Norbert P. Moraru

Kinga Nagy

Emőke Szabó

Szilárd Boldizsár Székely

Endre Vass

Iulia Vizi

Júlia Zeitz

Our volunteers from abroad

France, volunteers for 12 months in 2012-2013

France, volunteers for 12 months in 2012-2013

Germany, volunteer for 6 months in 2012

Joined Milvus Group in 2012 as a volunteer and became a member of the Mammal Conservation Working Group subsequently. She is especially interested in the effects of human-wildlife interactions on wildlife individuals, populations and communities, and their implications for conservation. Graduated biologist of the University of Frankfurt am Main.

France, volunteer for 2 months in 2012

“At the beginning of volunteering abroad, you feel something like apprehension of an unknown environment mixed with the wonder in front of the landscape, the monuments, the cars pulled by horses on roads… Then there are people smiling when you try to ask something in Romanian, the lady in the market who is so happy you chose to buy her plums (so delicious plums!), and the increasing adrenalin when you see an eagle or when you discover your first bear shit. In the end it is a dream you don’t want to finish although you miss your family and your friends. A dream that made you to discover yourself. “

Hungary, volunteer for 2 weeks in 2012

Belgium, EVS volunteer for 12 months in 2011-2012

“I am from Belgium and decided to come to Romania for one year to be a field assistant, to taste of Romanian nature and nature management and to upgrade my knowledge on species of birds and mammals. I studied Forest and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, but I still had the feeling to lack practical knowledge. I feel very pleased that I have this opportunity to experience so much nature and to be surrounded by so many walking encyclopedias. And above that, in Belgium or The Netherlands I will never experience a high adrenaline level while walking in nature: simply because there is no possibility to encounter bears or Sheppard dogs.”

France, volunteers for 3 months in 2011

France, volunteers for 3 months in 2011

Poland, Erasmus volunteer for 3 months in 2011

“I came to Milvus to get some experience in bird studies, but what I got was much more than I expected! I spent a lot of time carrying out fieldwork with highly experienced bird specialists and believe I learned more during this short period than I have during most of my university studies. I also met some great people and have seen many beautiful places. I am sure I will come back as soon as possible!”

Spain (Catalonia), EVS volunteer for 7 months in 2010

“I’ve been abroad before this EVS, but I can´t compare this with any experience I had before. The feeling when you arrived in a new country alone to do something that still you don’t know exactly it’s exciting but at the same time scary. Then day to day you are developing yourself in a way to know the town, to meet people and make them your friends here, to feel good doing the job and feeling that something new is growing inside you. This experience made me know better myself.”

Italy, EVS volunteer for 5,5 months in 2010

“I would recommend for sure EVS to other people because it’s a very nice way to travel and know different cultures and countries, to grow as a person, to know better oneself and to understand what will be your plans for the future, to meet a lot of different young people from several European countries and to travel having the possibility to get in real touch with the local communities of a different country. Personally, this experience helped me to grow as a person, to understand how I can react in the difficulties, to learn how to live in an independent way and to test myself about how to deal with people from another country. I could try the experience to work as an active part of a group and to be useful.”

France, EVS volunteer for 9 months in 2009

France, EVS volunteer for 12 months in 2009

France, volunteer for 3 months in 2008

France, volunteer for 2 months in 2007

UK, volunteer for 2 weeks in 2007

USA, Peace Corps volunteer for 24 months in 2006-2007