In addition to conservation activities, we believe that implementing educational programmes for young people and teachers is very important. We started to visit schools as early as the mid-’90s. We used to hold bird presentations with slide-projectors which now would rather make people smile. Since then, we have been trying to reach out to the younger generation with better electronic devices. We developed an interactive programme for children in pre-primary and primary schools.

Over the years, we organised almost 1,000 activities and had over 15,000 young participants. As per our competitions, by which many skills and competences may be developed, we aim to attract children who are not particularly interested in the natural values. We strive to offer many outdoor activities so children can find out more and also grow fond of nature’s wonders. We carry out these activities as part of various programmes, such as our “Forest School” programme, field trips or “Alternative School Week” (a national programme of the government). However, most probably our Forest School educational camps have the biggest impact on children.

Far from civilisation, children have the opportunity to become more familiar with the natural world, by adapting to the laws of nature.

More than 900 teachers participated in our training programmes. We published several booklets: mini atlas, animal tracks guide, bird colouring books, collection of ecological games, various teaching packages (Natura- dascăl pentru dascăli + ilustrații, Bird feeding). We hope we have contributed to motivating teachers in setting up activities about birds and nature conservation for children.
There’s already a new generation that grew up at our side and we have peers either in our organisation or working in the same field. Nonetheless, our purpose stays the same – to help raise generations that would treat nature as a fundamental value and necessity in whatever field they would be active in.