Good news from the stork nest from Dumbrăvioara!

golyak 2From March to April, stork lovers assisted passively at the „disintegration” of the storks nest, caused by thieving of materials by many Jackdaws and neighbouring Stork pair. The nest was slowly shrinking, everybody was carrying away nest materials but nobody was building! Occasionally lonely storks appeared in the nest, we even saw a stork with a colour ring, but no pair. Continue reading

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Landscape and Wildlife

photocontestlogoWe love nature and yet we distance ourselves from it. We admire thousands of breathtaking scenery pictures on social media, all other’s people experiences. We challenge you to get out from the shelter of your house, enjoy the sun, the nature, the peacefulness and quietness of the forests, the clicking noise of a wild spring and the greatness of the wilderness. We urge you to immortalize these moments and take part in the 8th International Milvus Nature Photography Contest. Continue reading

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A stork with colour ring is “visiting” the nest. Will it occupy the nest?

1In 2016 we are experiencing some difficulties with the webcam nest. Compared to previous years, when the storks arrived in time but we had had technical problems with our webcam, this year the “problem” is with the storks. More exactly, with their absence from the nest. At the end of March a pair of stork was observed in the nest, but unfortunately they were just visitors from one of the neighbouring nests. Continue reading

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Milvus Group attendance at a mammal conservation conference

IMG_0408In the first days of April, members of Milvus Group attended a mammal conservation workshop organized at Mórahalom, near Szeged, Hungary. The main focus of the conference was the research of indigenous mammal species of the Carpathian Basin, chiefly from a nature conservation viewpoint. Continue reading

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(Romana) Invitație de participare în „Programul de monitorizare a speciilor nocturne din habitate deschise și semideschise”

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romana and Magyar.

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Event: after 45 years, Imperial Eagle was found nesting in Romania, by Milvus Group experts!

IMG_3786In Romania, the last Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) nest, was found in the late 60’s, on the “Dealul Cocoș” hill, in Tulcea County. Thus, the identification of this year’s nest is of great importance to those interested in nature conservation in general and especially for those interested in ornithology.

The observations were made in March, by the Milvus Group’s ornithologists in Timiș and Arad counties, where Imperial Eagles and White-tailed Eagles can be seen quite often. In one specific spot, in Arad County, our specialists were looking forward for this species to breed, as the eagles were seen regularly in the last few years. Continue reading

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Protected species, banished by the Tîrgu Mureș City Hall!

IMG_0130We know and respect the opinion of those who are bothered by the rooks of Tîrgu Mureș, but we wish to notify the local authorities that destroying the rook nests during nesting period is an illegal activity, according to Law 49/2011.

“Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association proposed possible solutions to this conflict, but until now none of them had been accepted. On the contrary, between 15th and 18th of March 2016, employees of Tîrgu Mureș City Hall, under the pretext of canopy trimming, cut down the branches with rook nests on them in the rookeries of the city. We would like to remind you that among the rooks, Long-eared Owls (Asio otus) and Common Kestrels (Falco tinnunculus) are also breeding in the colonies, species which, by their diet, keep the city rodent-free as biological pesticides at no cost. “Milvus Group” Association has notified the National Environmental Guard and the National Environmental Protection Agency regarding this unlawful activity. Continue reading

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Make time for NATURE’S BEAUTY!

afis ClujWe invite you Tuesday, April 5, at 18.00 at the Centre for Urban Culture Casino in Cluj to admire some of the most beautiful pictures dedicated to Nature.

The exhibition of the 7th International “Milvus” Nature Photography Contest brings together 47 photographs (general and macro) from 13 countries, judged last year by Tamás András AFIAP – RO, Kerekes István EFIAP/p – HU, Dan Dinu AFIAP, PhotoLife – RO. We invite you to a figurative walk through diverse habitats, wildlife and fairy tale landscapes!

The exhibition is open until April 13th. Looking forward to see you!

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Attention: migrating amphibians! Place warning signs on the roads!

illusztracio1Amphibians begin a spectacular activity every year: hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of frogs and newts begin their migration from wintering habitats to their aquatic breeding spots. This phenomenon happens in a few days or weeks depending on the species and weather conditions during this period. Migration is spectacular especially where amphibians are hibernating in the soil, meadows, hills, forest edges or in the woods at a greater distance than the wet habitats. Continue reading

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28 bats saved

nyctalus_noctula_006Yesterday, on a street in Tîrgu Mureș a plane tree was cut and 28 Noctule Bats (Nyctalus noctula) lost their habitat. Thanks to the kindergarten’ s teachers in the nearby, who informed us, we were able to take 26 of them. Two others were brought to the “Vets4Wild” Association. Continue reading

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