LEHUA – Learning Humanity from Animals

What can we learn from animals? Have you ever asked yourselves this question?

We are fully convinced that teaching materials, whether for the formal or non-formal learning systems, can be attractive both for children, young people (13 to 29 years old)and adults if they include games about nature and animals. Continue reading

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Help, Snake! – Popular posters for locals

Panic, fear, horror, myths … and the end is often the same, a crushed reptilian body. Why do we always get there? Simply, because of ignorance. We are not aware, that these beings are mostly harmless, occasionally only lizards without legs. Moreover, we do not know how to behave with venomous species. This series is targeting the communities of different localities and regions, in order to present and popularize these species, and to introduce a fair behavior towards these reptiles, both for the sake of their and our own safety. We hope the next encounters will be more peaceful! Continue reading

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Chituc Ringing Camp will be up and running in 2017 as well!

Milvus Group Association organized in 2014-2016 an annual ringing camp for studying the migration dynamics of passerine species that cross through the Chituc sandbank. In the first three years of the camp, 37193 individuals of 127 species were caught, the most abundant species being: Red-Breasted Flycatcher (4442 individuals), Robin (3729 individuals), Blue Tit (3013 individuals), Red-backed Shrike (2477 individuals) and Willow Warbler (2371 individuals). Continue reading

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We Protect Nature! Good Practice Guides: Road Infrastructure, Wind Energy and Micro-hydropower plants

The comfort of civilization puts great pressure on nature and its resources. The effects?
Reducing, fragmenting and / or destroying habitats, natural ecosystems and landscapes as a whole, or disrupting to almost disappearance of wildlife populations. The causes of these effects are varied and often difficult to control, generating man-nature conflicts. Continue reading

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Victor, Bolomey, Márton and other Rollers with satellite transmitters

You get close on your tip-toes; you even hold your breath. You wholeheartedly hope that the Roller from the artificial hollow or the loess wall won’t hear your steps heading towards. She’s a very suspicious bird, will fly out at every little sound she considers it hostile. So approaching its nest is one of the toughest moments because you do it with a net to make sure the bird will not fly. Continue reading

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(Romana) Autostrada Tîrgu-Mureș–Iași: întâlnirea factorilor interesați din regiunea Niraj – Târnava Mică

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romana.

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Do they really need saving?

From May to August, people tend to save nestlings or juvenile birds that appear to be abandoned.

CAREFUL! Some of them are semi-nidifugous, that means they leave the nest before learning to fly, but their parents still come to feed them. Continue reading

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Winners of the Milvus Scholarships in 2017

We thank to all whom have shown interest in our Scholarship. In total, we received 20 projects from all over the country. After a comprehensive analysis of the proposed topics, here is the final list of projects that will receive funding this year:
Continue reading

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Wild animals’ offspring do not need saving!

Out of sympathy and pity, many people considered necessary to save baby dears, rabbits or other wildlife offspring found in the fields, forests and clearings. But beware; these calves seem lonely and helpless though the truth is otherwise. Their parents left them in safe places for a short time! Parents will return to their offspring! For this reason there is no need for human intervention. Please do not touch, move or disturb these youngsters! They are more secure if you do not bother them!

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In the bear’s way!

Concrete parapets, roads without eco-ducts or underground passages, railways, fenced fields. All of these represent obstacles for wild animals that roam hundreds of kilometres in search of food, partners, wintering places, and so on. This is the conclusion of an  ACDB report – https://goo.gl/VHPtqU, mentioning exactly the area where the following images were recorded (DN2D, between Târgu Secuiesc and Focsani): a bear with cubs trying to cross the road. The construction of motorways without special structures to allow the movement of large carnivores is a major risk factor for these species, but also for the safety of traffic participants. We want green infrastructure measures and we act through the TRANSGREEN project.

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