Results of the 9th International “Milvus” Nature Photography Contest

photocontestlogoLocation: Tg. Mureș – Romania
Judging date: 12th of August 2017

Members of the jury:
Tamás András AFIAP – RO, president of jury
Kerekes István EFIAP/d2 – HU
Dan Dinu AFIAP, PhotoLife – RO

138 photographers sent 693 pictures from 13 countries
General – landscapes, plants, fungi: 167 photos
Animals: 226 photos
Romanian nature: 300 photos


The Grand Prize (First place winner of the competition)

Dorin Bofan /Romania – Lenga Tree during storm

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How can bear hair help to protect the species?

As one of the main threats to far-roaming brown bears is the degradation, fragmentation and loss of suitable habitats, one of the goals of the project ‘Brown bear conservation and research in a model area in Romania’ is to conserve the bears’ habitat. In the area where the project operates, the most significant threat in this sense in the nearby future will be posed by the planned Tg. Mures-Iasi-Ungheni highway. This development will cut through Romania’s Eastern Carpathians and adjacent foothills, all prime bear habitats. Continue reading

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(Romana) Autostrada Tîrgu – Mureș – Iași: a doua întâlnire a factorilor interesați de la Ditrău, Harghita

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romana.

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The week of outdoor adventures! The Milvus environmental education summer camp

Six days full of events, excursions and games. What was common in all the activities? Nature. 31 children of various ages attended the 11th environmental education Milvus camp, organized this year in Mitreşti, Mureş County. The adventures, carefully organized, carried them through the nearby forests and hills, raised their curiosity upon crafts – visits to a blacksmith and a farmer; motivated them to aspire to more, by climbing courageously to 15 m to see a real Lesser Spotted Eagle nest (thank you SALVAMONT MUREȘ); reconnected them to nature by capturing and ringing several bird species. Continue reading

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Help, Snake! – Popular posters for locals

Panic, fear, horror, myths … and the end is often the same, a crushed reptilian body. Why do we always get there? Simply, because of ignorance. We are not aware, that these beings are mostly harmless, occasionally only lizards without legs. Moreover, we do not know how to behave with venomous species. This series is targeting the communities of different localities and regions, in order to present and popularize these species, and to introduce a fair behavior towards these reptiles, both for the sake of their and our own safety. We hope the next encounters will be more peaceful! Continue reading

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Remarkable results in the Western Plains of Romania! The Saker Falcon numbers are increasing!

The nesting population of the Saker Falcon is growing in the Western Plain, as a result we managed to ring 45 chicks in 13 out of the 17 nests where sakers successfully bred in 2017.

This is very good news for the species, which experienced in Romania a long period of decline! In 2011 there was only one known breeding pair, but last year there were already 12! Continue reading

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Common position

Transparency in decision making about large carnivores, real and timely payment of damages, correct use of intervention quota, exclusively to solve problematic cases with bears, and the development and application of a scientific methodology to monitor populations. These elements, willingly and correctly implemented by all stakeholders, would lead to an improvement in the large-scale carnivorous – humans conflicts. Continue reading

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A rare phenomenon and a happy case!

Three years ago, two Lesser Spotted Eagle chicks were ringed in the same nest in Harghita County). This is a rare case, because in this species the oldest nestling tends to eliminate the younger chick, this phenomenon is called cainism. In fact, only two similar cases were registered in Romania, among them this case from Vidăcut nest (Harghita county). This month, Baranyi Ildikó managed to photograph a colour ringed bird between Belin and Aita Mare. Consulting our ringing database, we identified the bird as the smaller nestling from the Vidăcut nest, recorded 66 km S-E from the ringing place. A happy case and a valuable result from the perspective of our study and conservation efforts regarding the species. Continue reading

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LEHUA – Learning Humanity from Animals

What can we learn from animals? Have you ever asked yourselves this question?

We are fully convinced that teaching materials, whether for the formal or non-formal learning systems, can be attractive both for children, young people (13 to 29 years old)and adults if they include games about nature and animals. Continue reading

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Chituc Ringing Camp will be up and running in 2017 as well!

Milvus Group Association organized in 2014-2016 an annual ringing camp for studying the migration dynamics of passerine species that cross through the Chituc sandbank. In the first three years of the camp, 37193 individuals of 127 species were caught, the most abundant species being: Red-Breasted Flycatcher (4442 individuals), Robin (3729 individuals), Blue Tit (3013 individuals), Red-backed Shrike (2477 individuals) and Willow Warbler (2371 individuals). Continue reading

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