Common Kestrel WEBCAM

How about watching live a Common Kestrel couple’s life that choose to build their nest on the 10th floor of a block of flats in Tîrgu Mureș? Since 2018, we’ve been broadcasting the life of these birds who chose to live in an urban environment.

So, here’s what you should know about the Common Kestrel:

It’s one of the most common birds of prey in Romania. Nesting takes place in almost every habitat, except for closed canopy forests and treeless areas. The kestrel is an urban bird, it may come up in parks and in town centres. They usually take over the nests abandoned by rooks and magpies, but they also nest in the crevices of tall buildings, rooftops or air shafts. In our case, the nest has been somewhat supported by Deák Attila, who lent one of his windows to the kestrel couple.

The Common Kestrel mostly feeds on: rodents, insects, lizards, and they raise up to six chicks, but their number mostly depend on the yearly available resources. Kestrels are very effective hunters as they can see in UV light the scent marks of small rodents.

May you have a lovely season along with the kestrel couple!

Thank you, Deák Attila and Netsoft.