New breeding boxes for red-footed falcons

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The Red-footed falcon is a vulnerable species (according to the IUCN Red List) and over the years  Milvus Group has been paying special attention to the conservation of this species. We have carried out a number of projects and activities specifically aimed at the conservation to protect this bird of prey.

One of these activities last year was the installation of 20 metal nest boxes. These artificial nests were placed as a condition of an environmental permit for the construction of a solar park. This is an attempt to reduce the negative impact of the solar park on the red-footed falcon population, especially as we are talking about a protected area, which was created preciselyfor the conservation of this species.

Every year, we check these artificial nests in the period before the spring migration. Recently, we have prepared the metal boxes: we have cleaned them and replaced the layer of gravel to ensure proper nesting conditions. We also placed 10 wooden nest boxes in the same area. We want to find out which of the two nesting types is preferred by the falcons. Wooden boxes deteriorate much faster due to precipitation and organic matter left behind by the birds, so the use of metal boxes may be a sustainable solution, but only if we are satisfied that they also provide good nesting conditions for the target species.

Some boxes have been ocuupied by Common kestrels

In the next period, we will continue to clean and maintain the nests. The 70 artificial nests placed in the nesting site near Livada de Bihor (Bihor County) and another 80 artificial nests near Sânmărtin (Arad County) will be cleaned next. 

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