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[:Hu] Kék vércsék gyülekeznek egy éjszakázóhely közelében[:][:RO] Vânturei de seară adunându-se în apropierea locului de înnoptare[:][:en]Red-footed Falcons gather for the night[:]

Fall with thousands of Red-footed Falcons

Although it may seem fairy-tale at first hearing, the gathering of falcons is an existing natural phenomenon during autumn. We have been following it for 13 years in the western…

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Management plans for a better conservation of the Red-footed Falcon!


Three Natura 2000 sites (Valea Alceului, Lunca Barcăului from Bihor County and Cânepiști from Cluj County), which are in the custody of the Milvus Group, are among the first protected areas in Romania to have management plans approved by the Ministry of Environment. The main goals of these plans are related to nature conservation and the implementation of certain conservation measures.  The plans can be consulted here (in Romanian only). (more…)

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Migratory birds are coming back!

ehedThe Lesser Spotted Eagles, the Rollers, Red-footed Falcons, White Storks and other migratory birds are on their way to the nesting areas in Europe. We expect to see them in Romania, from April, but the first storks can be seen already this month.

The migration routes of these birds are different but also alike too! Here are a few: (more…)

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Red-footed Falcon conservation measures: counting roosting sites, tagging birds with satellite transmitters

IMG_3665Following their long summer preparing, Red-footed Falcons start their migration in early autumn. On their way to south they roost in flocks of varying numbers (from a few individuals to even more than a thousand) on groups of trees. As they are faithful to their roosting sites, they arrive to these places each autumn. Milvus Group has been conducting Red-footed Falcon counts on roosting sites for several years now. Every week from mid-August until the first week of October synchronous observations are made in the Romanian, Hungarian and Serbian Red-footed Falcon roosting sites. Similarly to past years, this year observations have been made in 6 sites in western Romania (here we would like to thank all those helping us in these observations!). (more…)

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Spring maintenance works made on nestboxes for Red-footed Falcons

[singlepic id=601 w=250 h=200 float=left]Although the Hungarian-Romanian Red-footed Falcon LIFE project has ended in 2009, the Milvus Group has assumed to manage the so-called After LIFE activities (those are required to be continued after the end of the project). One of these activities is the maintenance of the artificial nests mounted within the LIFE project for the Red-footed Falcons.

It’s a well-known fact that falcon species don’t build the nest of their own, instead raise their chicks in other birds’ nests. In our region the “Red-foots” choose mainly the nests of rooks, as they breed colonially as well. In the recent years we’ve established brand new colonies by putting artificial nests on trees in those areas where rookeries lack. (more…)

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Red-footed Falcons tagged with satellite transmitters

Photo: Luca Dehelean

On 15th July 2009 has come to us a satellite telemetry transmitter to be mounted on a Red-Footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus). The transmitter with only five grams is currently the smallest existing transmitter can be mounted on birds.
In total purchased eight transmitters of which seven were mounted birds in Hungary and one in Romania. We believe that this event is a very important step in knowledge of the migration of this endangered species.


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Recently reabilited and released birds

kek vercse_DiamondIn the last month, the rehabilitation of birds from our center has seen a remarkable success. After the birds were kept under continuous observation for a sufficient period of time for total recovery, six birds has been released. The Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) was confiscated wit the help of Lucian Pârvulescu from an illegal owner, approximately one year ago.


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