It’s time to fly!

The greatest moment of satisfaction for us is the release of rehabilitated animals in their natural environment. Thus, after different periods spent in the Rehabilitation Centre for wild animals, 10 birds were released – seven storks (six birds spent the winter in the centre), two Common Buzzards and an Eurasian Scops Owl (which underwent an operation at the Vets4Wild). Interestingly, one of the released storks had been previously ringed in Germany. (more…)

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A new family

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre received two Little Owls from Nazna, Mures County. The handiest solution was to place it in an artificial nest that already had three chicks. As it…

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Not this way!

Wild animals are not domestic animals, and keeping them is prohibited by the law ! This is the case of a Common Raven found by locals in Glodeni and brought…

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Please, support our Association with the 2% of Your personal  income-tax! Thank you! (more…)

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Romania’s first flight cage for bird rehabilitation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA On August 4th, Milvus group completed the construction of a flight cage, the latest addition to the Bird Rehabilitation Centre we have been working on with the Vets4Wild Association in Sansimon, Mures County since Autumn 2012. At 4m high and 25 m long, it is the result of several months voluntary work, made possible by sponsorship from the “Conservation of Falco cherrug in NE Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia” LIFE project. (more…)

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The 6th trimonthly report of the Milvus Rehabilitation Centre (January-March 2013)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Over these three months 10 new birds have arrived at the Centre, adding to the 6 who are already there. While this number of birds is approximately the same as in previous months, the number of people who contacted us dropped to 16 in this period. As is to be expected in these cold winter months, this has been a relatively quiet period in the Rehabilitation Centre. (more…)

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Experience change in the Bulgarian Rehabilitation Centre

Surgery. Information and experience change
Milvus Group has started treating injured and seized birds several years ago with the aim to rehabilitate and release them back into nature. We receive more and more birds from people who want to help them, thus we decided that it is absolute necessary to enlarge and expand the Rehabilitation Centre. Our Bulgarian partner organization, Green Balkans has a vast experience in this field, for which reason we decided to visit them.  (more…)

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First steps taken to rehabilitate a juvenile Saker Falcon

The bird kept at the Mureș Floodplain Natural Park office
Photo: Herlo Gabriel, biologist at Mureș Floodplain Natural Park
In the past days members of Milvus Group and employees of the Saker Falcon conservation project were contacted by employees of the Mureș Floodplain Natural Park because of a Saker Falcon they had at their office. After members of Milvus Group arrived to the office of the Natural Park they realized that the bird is a juvenile male Saker Falcon, which was found 3 weeks ago by a person on a field near Arad, as told by the employees of the Natural Park. The person realized that this was an injured raptor and took it to a small animal clinic. The bird underwent a routine medical examination but had no injuries or fractures. However it doesn’t show any signs of being capable to fly. At the moment the bird is on its way to the Rehabilitation Centre of Milvus Group from Tîrgu-Mureș, where it will be examined again and treated adequately until complete recovery. Hopefully we are only dealing with a weaken bird, as it happens sometimes when they do not eat normally for a couple of days. (more…)

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The 3rd bi-monthly report of Milvus Rehabilitation Center (May-June 2012)

falche-butbutMay-June is the period when most birds from Romania are breeding. This is the period when the chicks of different breeding species fledge earlier and can fall into hands of benign people. It is best to leave these birds at the location where they were found, possibly in a place protected from predators (cats, dogs).

In May and June we received more calls than in the previous months. Totally 32 bird lovers from 12 localities asked for our help, in most cases about young birds which left their nest, this way seeming orphans. Most of them were released at the location of their finding. In this period 15 birds arrived to our center: 1 Sparrowhawk, 1 Common Buzzard, 2 Common Ravens, 1 White Stork, 6 Little Owls, 2 Long-Eared Owls, 2 Common Kestrels. (more…)

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The 2nd bi-monthly report of Milvus Rehabilitation Centre (March-April 2012)

After winter past and the snow melted, the birds which survived didn`t had problems in searching for food. In March-April we received fewer phone calls than in the previous period. A total of 15 bird lovers from 9 localities asked for our help to treat the weakened or injured birds found by them. The number of injured birds was much higher than the number of weakened ones. (more…)

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