Observarea migrației păsărilor răpitoare la Bosfor

Începând din data de 22 septembrie membrii Grupului Milvus împreună cu membrii ai Istanbul Birdwatching Society au început observarea migrației păsărilor răpitoare diurne la Bosphor, loc unde trece una dintre cele mai importante rute de migrație din Europa. Observațiile sunt efectuate în 4 locații diferite simultan. Tabăra va dura până la data de 13 octombrie.

Articolul despre rezultatele se poate descărca aici: Autumn migration of soaring birds at Bosporus: validating a new survey station design

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  1. Doğan

    Dear Christian FREGAT
    please contact me and send me your past counts at the Bosphorus
    to add to our data base. Also I can answer any questons you have about
    the migration here.

  2. Doğan

    Dear Leo Ballering
    please contact me about migration counts at the Bosphorus
    I have many years of data and am looking for past years counts to add to my data base

  3. Leo Ballering

    oeps sorry wrong e-mail adress (mine), please reply to the adress above!

  4. Leo Ballering

    Hi there, tomorrow I will go to Istanbul and hope to do some migration counting, can you tell the exact location of the best spot and whether there is a website with results of migration counts there? I have found some publications but no websites?

    kind regards
    Ps do you know the website for european migration counts: http://www.trektellen.nl ? originally a dutch site but now covering the whole of western Europe (Estland – gibraltar!)

  5. Nigel Shaw

    I was wondering if you will run a ringing station at the count site. I live in Canada and every spring and fall we band migrating raptors,coming and going to there breeding grounds. It is a great way to monitor the birds, and gives the opportunity for many foreign recoveries! With numbers like that passing by, the numbers ringed could be quite substantial…………
    I would be interested in sharing methods and results…….



  6. Vincedel

    I follow your posts for quite a long time and should tell that your articles are always valuable to readers.

  7. Doma

    It seems you guys had fun. Good numbers, hopefully the work will contine. Thanks for the updated list during the field work!

  8. Koma

    Hello Everybody!

    You can access and enjoy now the totals of the entire observation.



  9. Attila

    Congratulation Guys!

    I wish to participate in, but my job is in the first place 🙂 …
    Maybe in the next year.


  10. kelemen

    Hello Everybody!

    The first camp of the Milvus Group organized at the Bosphorus, Turkey has come to an end. I was informed that due to the bad weather the team decided to start the journey home today evening.

    However, I was also informed that yesterday there was a gorgeous day with probably more than 40.000 raptors (there were definitely more birds counted than that, but after elimination of double counts the number can decrease).

    The final number of birds counted yesterday as well as the overall totals for the camp will be uploaded on this website during the first days of the next week.

    Milvus Group would like to thank everybody who participated for their time and financial efforts, please remember that this year the camp was organized on a completely voluntary basis. In the years to come we would also like to base the camp on voluntary work, but we will try to secure funding which will enable us to provide good working conditions for everybody.

    If you would like to join our team in 2009, and participate in the activities of our raptor migration count in one of the most important migration bottle-neck sites of Europe, please send us a message on the marton.kelemen(et)milvus[dot]ro email address.

    All the best,

  11. kelemen

    Hi Again!
    The observation list is again updated.
    There are some good observations which are not mentioned on the list as the birds were not migrating. As I suppose that most of the visitors on this page are interested mainly in raptors I would mention only two observations of odd Eleonora’s Falcons as well as one sighting of an adult Lanner. Hopefully many more birds to come till the end of this week, when our 0 year experimental camp will close down.

  12. kelemen

    Hello everybody,
    Finally we managed to update the list containing the observations. Enjoy!
    There were some serious problems with regards the camping site in Istanbul, we were forced to leave the original camping site, to find a new place but without any electricity.
    That is why the update is coming so late!
    All the best,
    Marton Kelemen

  13. fregat


    thank you for your e-mail. I’m sorry because I don’t speak english very well. I
    live near LYON (France). During autumn, september 1989 & 1991 I stayed to ISTANBUL and SARIYER for the migration. I would like come back for the migration of the black-stork and birds of preys during september 2009.

    Christian FREGAT

  14. kelemen

    Everybody who is interested to participate in the coming years in the activities of our Bosporus migration monitoring camp should send an email to my address (marton.kelemen(et)milvus.ro).
    The plans for the next year are not finalized yet, as we want to analyse the results of this (as we call it) 0 year. However in the next season according to our expectations, the camp will last longer and just as this time the work will be based mainly on voluntary work.
    In the following weeks a dedicated sub-page for the camp will be developed, on which regular news will be posted regarding our future plans. So please visit our site in the future for further details.
    All the best,
    Marton Kelemen

  15. fregat


    I’ m interesting for help you the next year for counting the raptors and storks.
    Have you an adress ?