The tree with the Lesser Spotted Eagle nest was cut down

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From 2011 the movements of a Lesser Spotted Eagle can be followed through satellite: in the frame of the „Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Romania” LIFE project the ornithologists of Milvus Group mounted a satellite transmitter on the back of the adult male named Jobbágy. Currently the bird is near Congo, he`s hurrying back to his nest near Valea locality, where he has been breeding successfully in the past years, but he will only find a cut tree instead of the oak with his nest.

On the 29th of March 2012 members of Milvus Group made observations to evaluate the state of the Lesser Spotted Eagle nests. The nest from Valea has been known and regularly observed from 1999, but this time they found only cut trees and the destroyed nest with some eagle feathers from last year. „Neither of these trees were marked, thereupon there were cut down illegally. When we got there the bottom of the trunk had been already carried away. The next day we went back, but we didn`t find anyone there”, said Daróczi J. Szilárd, member of Milvus Group.

The Lesser Spotted Eagle is globally in decline and some 22% of its world population breeds in Romania. The project ( implemented by “Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association, the Regional Environmental Protection Agency of Sibiu and the Romanian Ornithological Society has the objective of ensuring the optimal conditions for the conservation of this species.

„Eagles are threatened continuously during their autumn and spring migration, on their wintering territory and the destruction of a single nest could have serious consequences on the population of this species. The administrators of the Dealurile Târnavelor-Valea Nirajului important bird areas have announced the forestry service, the police and the inspectorate of forestry and hunting. “We hope that the offender will be impeached and this way the conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle habitat will get more attention” added Daróczi J. Szilárd.

Press release
29 March 2012

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