The Lesser Spotted Eagle comics

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For the first time in Romania Lesser Spotted Eagles are becoming comic characters. This animation is made within the confines of the LIFE project “Conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle in Romania” implemented by the Regional Environmental Agency from Sibiu in partnership with “Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association and Romanian Ornithological Society. From the 7th of December 2011 there will be an educational comic serial on the project’s website: In this comic we can follow monthly the adventures of the two main characters, Generalu’ and Piciu’ eagles, during the migration to Africa, their wintering period and their way back. The period between April and September, when the eagles are in our country, will also be illustrated. The scene of these episodes will be Transylvania, where the largest breeding Lesser Spotted Eagle population from Romania lives.  The purpose of this comic is to present the life of eagles in a less academic way, more understandable for the general public, especially for the young and children. Also we would like to draw the attention of the general public on the problems the eagles are experiencing. In the breeding period in our country they are threatened by human activities (logging, poaching, intensive agriculture, electric shock), in the migration and wintering period they are threatened both by natural factors (they can’t find their way to Africa) and human related factors (local tribes kill the birds for superstitious rituals).

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