The events from the Dumbrăvioara stork nest in 2015

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Dear stork friends we are ending a new season. The new webcam mounted this spring in Dumbrăvioara was a real success, 9469 was the maximum number of visitors on a single day. From totally 64865 computers, the webcam was accessed for 334342 times.

Screen Captures2

Here are the events in short:

The life of the storks was not easy this year either. The stork pair occupied the nest right after mounting the new HD camera with zooming possibilities. Between 15 and 23 April, 5 eggs were laid but only 4 chicks fledged. At the beginning of June, only two chicks were alive, probably due to the cold weather and hail.

On the 29th of June we witnessed a successful adoption in the stork nest: one of the storks fallen from the nest from Brâncovenești was adopted in the webcam nest. Although many person worried about the stork with the 7082 ring, who had some problem with its leg, at the end of August all chicks left the nest successfully.

We hope that all young storks will cross in safety the long road to South Africa. We are confident that in the following years we will meet the 7082 ringed stork and its other young fellows as well.

We thank you for following the webcam and for informing us about the events of the stork family from the nest. Now, the webcam will be shut down, but we invite you (and the storks) back in the spring!

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