The 6th Forest School organized by Milvus Group

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In the beginning of July 2012 Milvus Group organized the 6th traditional camp in the Forest School from Rigmani (Mureș county). This year the camp was financed by the Environmental Fund Administration ( in the frame of the project entitled “Ecological education for a sustainable future”. The participants were accommodated in traditional tents called yurts. With the help of specialists, during the camp they had the opportunity to take part in new and interesting activities: they got acquainted with common amphibian and reptile species, the methods in studying the movements and behaviour of the brown bear, they visited a nearby bear den and during their trip a botanist presented plant species from different habitats. With the help of our arthropod specialist the children observed the different insect species which occurred around the camp, and in the same time they took part in interesting chemical experiments. During the camp they also had the opportunity to take part on bird ringing and to try the methods of small mammal research methods (live trapping and owl pellet analysis).

Besides getting acquainted with the natural environment, the activities were diversified with other activities: they visited the nearby village, Sânsimion. There a florist presented the techniques of different floral arrangements which they tried out with enthusiasm. One evening they visited a sheepfold where they tried out the milking of cows and the taste of fresh home milk. Every participant had a great time during this camp and they got enriched with new experiences in nature conservation.

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