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IMG_3956_2 Dear stork friends! We received some questions that need some answers. At this point we do not know why but the Dumbrăvioara storks do not have a very favourable year.  Of the usual 12 – 13 pairs, only 10 are breeding, one of which have no chickens, four nests have only two chicks, three nests have three chicks and two nests have four chicks. Both the number of nesting pairs and the number of chicks are below last year’s average. But we have good news too! We managed to identify in Dumbrăvioara and Glodeni two storks ringed (with colored rings) in previous years. One of them (ring R000) is the female from the neighboring next to the video surveillance nest – we thank Éva Burger who observed it and wrote about it in the comments. The story of this bird is interesting. In 2012, this female was nesting in Glodeni, during incubation was found very weakened and was admitted to the Milvus Group Rehabilitation Centre. Gaining her strength, she was released. We are very glad that the stork had managed to fly to Africa and find her way back and it’s breeding successfully. IMG_3974_2The other stork with colored ring (ring number E200) has a pair and occupies a nests in Glodeni, but unfortunately we haven’t seen chicks in her nest.  This stork was ringed as a chick in 2010.

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