Good news from the stork nest from Dumbrăvioara!

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From March to April, stork lovers assisted passively at the „disintegration” of the storks nest, caused by thieving of materials by many Jackdaws and neighbouring Stork pair. The nest was slowly shrinking, everybody was carrying away nest materials but nobody was building! Occasionally lonely storks appeared in the nest, we even saw a stork with a colour ring, but no pair.

Slowly, storks lovers have lost hope that there will be nestlings this year. We felt the same way when we realised that nothing was happening by May the 10th. Yet the miracle happened on May 16th: a pair of storks appeared and the nest began to take shape again!

It seems that the pair is made up of young storks (3-4 years old) and are a little late in the breeding season, but if they lay eggs soon, they are likely to raise the chicks. We have a new season full of surprises – enjoy watching the new adventures of Dumbrăvioara’s storks!

HERE you can follow the webcam.

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