‘Foreign’ Storks treated and released on Niraj Valley!

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Fall has come at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Sânsimion. With the coming of this season, in the centre coordinated by Milvus Group Association and Vets4Wild Association the “storks” season began.

A number of white storks were loose and they were housed and treated at our centre. We can only guess the causes of these weaknesses – it can be caused by various diseases or it may be just a weakness during migration. After a few weeks of rest and proper treatment,   in September we have freed eight white storks and one black stork.


The storks hosted in our Rehabilitation Centre were counted and ringed abroad, in: Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. The Hungarian stork chicks were ringed in July at Tiszafüred and Dömös, while the Polish bird received its ring near Poznan, in June.  The German stork was ringed also this year, in June in Schwaan. We still expect data from the Czech ringing center about their bird.

The first way to Africa means a lot of effort for the storks, unfortunately, some fail to perform it. Those treated and released by us have a real chance to continue their journey.

The greatest achievement for us is releasing the birds where they belong, back to nature.

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