European Bat Night

On the 1st of October the Milvus Groups Mammal Conservation Working Group in cooperation with the Zoo of Targu Mures organized the European night for bats. The members installed information boards and held a presentation about the fascinating world of bats. On the second part of the event the participating people observed bats with the help of ultrasound detectors on the Mures rivers bank. (more…)

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Fladry to protect sheep against wolves

In the frame of the project entitled “Carnivores and humans: improving the human-wolf relationship in the Calimani and Gurghiului Mountains ”, the Mammal Conservation Workgroup set up a fladry around a sheep-camp located at the foothills of Gurghiu Mountains . The method was originally used in Eastern Europe and in Russia during wolf hunts. It consists of bright colored
(red or orange) strips – made of some kind of textile – that are attached to a string. The strips are 10 cm (4 inches) wide and 50 cm (20 inches) long and the fladry is the most efficient if the strips are set 50 cm apart, with their lower ends just touching the ground. The method is used only against wolves . They do not cross this barrier, otherwise totally inefficient when used against other species (for example bears, deer or wild boars). This year, ten sheep were killed by wolves at the above mentioned sheep-camp. Through continuous monitoring we will be able to test the efficiency of this simple method. The project is financially supported by the Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation from Miercurea Ciuc. (more…)

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