Red-footed Falcons tagged with satellite transmitters

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Photo: Luca Dehelean
On 15th July 2009 has come to us a satellite telemetry transmitter to be mounted on a Red-Footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus). The transmitter with only five grams is currently the smallest existing transmitter can be mounted on birds. In total purchased eight transmitters of which seven were mounted birds in Hungary and one in Romania. We believe that this event is a very important step in knowledge of the migration of this endangered species. Together with a large number of members of the Milvus Group and colleagues at BirdLife Hungary, on 15th July have mounted the transmitter on an adult female of 178 grams. The bird, named Anita, was caught at the colony near Livada de Bihor (Bihor County), having an exceptional physical condition. The transmitter, who for some time already entered into service will transmit us data about all the movements and will sketch the bird migration route and wintering areas in Africa. A better knowledge of migration routes and places of agglomeration is very essential for the proper conservation of the species. Anita, like other birds with satellite tags, is monitored daily, and a map about the migration rotes, updated every three days, can be found on the link: For further details on the Conservation of Falco even in the Pannonian region, funded by LIFE project (LIFE05/NAT/H/000122), please visit:

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