SPAs in Milvus Group’s custody

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In February 2010, “Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association received in custody three Special Protection Areas (SPA). In order to gain custody of these Natura 2000 sites, members of the association have submitted detailed documentation and also a management plan of these areas to the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Of these three sites, one (Iernut and Cipău Fishponds) is in the range of Mureș county, while the other two (Alceu Valley and Barcău River Meadow) are located in Bihor County. Iernut and Cipău Fishponds is a priority for Milvus Group, being the largest wetland in the county, where during the passage very large clusters of thousands of waterfowl occur. During the four years of custody, administration of these ponds will be linked with concessionaires of fish farms so that the husbandry and activities arising therefrom are matched with bird protection measures. The most relevant activities to be implemented on site are the construction of an artificial island for the colony of herons in Iernut, the location of a bird observation tower for better monitoring of bird flocks and the developing of a management plan of the protected area with provisions and direct conservation measures. In this way we can make sure that the area will keep its present condition and it will ensure peace required for both the rare and endangered species nesting here, and the migratory birds.

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