Synchronous winter census of Long-eared Owl

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[singlepic id=285 w=250 h=200 float=left]International Long-eared Owl Network (ILEON) decided to initiate for winter 2009/2010 a synchronous winter census of Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) in Central and Eastern Europe. Till now, several countries from this geographical region manifest the willingness to participate in this program. Synchronous shall be done by a standard method, identical for each country and it is addressed for all volunteers who want to get involved in it. This program is a first step for getting a clearer picture about the number of the wintering Long-eared Owls in different regions of the country. Another major aim is to test the method in the preparation for the winter 2010/2011 a comprehensive international program on knowledge of population that winters in the up mentioned region. Therefore, the involvement of as many volunteers as possible is welcome. In Romania, the coordinator of the program is the “Milvus Group” Association. If you decided to participate in this activity, please send the filled form of your census for the mentioned address (form available only in Hungarian and Romanian). For additional information and questions about the census, also please contact the coordinator at: szilard.daroczi(at)

Results of the Long-eared Owl census (2009-2010)Total recensamant ciufi de padure

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