Winners of Milvus scholarship 2010

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A total of 22 projects were sent for financing from the Mivus scholarship in this year. 6 projects were chosen as winners, these are the following:
Imecs Istvan- Study on Misgurnus fossilis populations in Ciuc basin and developement of an efficient management plan
Kovacs Zoltan Zsolt-Estimation on Austropotamobius torrentium populations in Valea Mare (Halmasd) brook
Sugar Szilard-Large scale habitat preferency of Spalax sp. On Someș plateu and Transylvanian plain
Buria Istvan- Estimation on conservation status of the only population of Colias myrmidone from Romania
Bolboacă Lucian Eugen-Owls from forest habitats in Romania
Aczél-Fridrich Zsuzsanna-Study on ditribution and habitat of southern birch mouse

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