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Free access to information is one of the key factors that can significantly contribute to the evolution of science and its applied fields. At the moment there are no open-acces data-bases in Romania, that would provide access to basic ornithological data, regarding widely distributed bird species. To overcome this problem Association “Milvus Group” launches OpenBirdMaps (, an open access database dedicated to the collection and presentation of information on the spatial and temporal distribution of wild birds in Romania.

The main aim of OpenBirdMaps is to ensure access to raw data collected by amateur and professional ornithologists in order to facilitate its use for nature conservation, for scientific, educational or other non-commercial purposes.


OpenBirdMaps is dedicated to the idea of providing free access to original, unprocessed data collected by ornithologists, so the basic rule will be presenting data in this way. However, due to certain constraints, some data may not be made public. OpenBirdMaps will accept such data, with the condition of partial publication, and subsequent full publication, after the restriction is lifted. We believe, that even by partial publishing, we can contribute to the increased accessibility of data, as the public will learn of its existence as well as of the data owner. Furthermore, by the published details, the potential users may be able to qualitatively assess the usefulness of the data.

Join the OpenBirdMaps community, contribute to its development by uploading your ornithological observations and grow your knowledge of bird distribution accessing published information!

Registration to OpenBirdMaps is free, but it is based on an invitation sent by another user. If you don’t know any users, please contact the administrators by e-mail at

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