Humans and animals can coexist

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A few years ago, more precisely in 2021, our intervention was requested to move a family of storks, which had nested on an electricity pole in the immediate vicinity of a residential house in Maramures County, causing discomfort for the owner. At the time, in a letter sent to the Maramureș Environmental Protection Authority, we explained that, as this is a protected species, the nest could not be disturbed. This does not mean that there are no solutions, which can reduce the discomfort.

Such a solution was found by an animal lover from Tarcea commune, Bihor county. So that the family of storks, whose droppings were on the man’s sidewalk, could nest in peace and the owner could get rid of this inconvenience, he installed a roof over the entrance door.

Left to nest undisturbed, the stork returned to the same nest year after year. It is a 20 year old “mature” stork, ringed by our colleagues two decades ago in Andrid commune, Satu Mare county.  It’s not every day that we hear about a stork reaching this beautiful age and we are glad that there are people out there, who are looking for solutions that suit them and the animals, also.

The stork which returns every year to Tarcea

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