Locals from Neaua mount nesting platforms for White Storks with help from Milvus Group

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According to the people of Neaua (Mureș county), until two years ago there had not been a stork nest in the village for as long as anyone could remember. But in 2012, the first storks appeared and immediately started to build their nest. The breeding was successful in the first year, but in 2013 only one of the storks came back. As the nest was continuously added to over the last two years, it started to be too large and heavy for the electric pylon and he grew too close to the electric wires. Milvus Group decided that, to keep it safe and steady, the stork nest has to be arranged a special platform, placed on the top of the pylon. The adjustable platform which can be placed on different sized pylons, was manufactured by László Bakó, a local villager. On the 26th February, co-workers from Globen firm, Târgu Mureș, took down the old nest and on the 28th of February, after suspending the wires from the pylon, they mounted the nesting platform. A part of the old nest was placed on the platform to encourage the storks to occupy it. We are waiting for the final testing and wondering if the storks will like their renovated home. We assume they will!

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