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21bMilvus Group took note with regret about the incidents in Braila County (http://www.obiectivbr.ro/…), in which several storks were electrocuted on medium voltage posts. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is not rare in our country or in the world. Moreover, electrocution is among the main factors of mortality for birds of prey and storks. Milvus Group began to study the problem of bird electrocution since 1995. Since then, unfortunately, we have achieved few concrete steps to solve this problem. We conducted an extensive study with recommendations for an electricity distribution company; we even managed “decommissioning” a few thousand pillars. But in Romania over one million poles are still dangerous, so there is so much to be done! Wondering perhaps why such tragedies happen especially in the second half of the summer? 71oThis is the period in which the fledglings (storks, birds of prey) with reduced flying ability leave the nest and have the biggest “chance” to get electrocuted. In addition, storks migration begins in August, when besides the population of our country, tens of thousands of storks nesting in more northern countries (Poland, Hungary, the Baltic countries, etc.) pass through Romania. Storks migrate in large flocks and stay overnight usually in solitary trees or groups of trees in open areas. In some regions of the country these natural formations lack – Bărăgan plain or in the Western Plain; so the storks try to rest on tall structures in the landscape: power lines pillars. When a flock of hundreds of storks sits on a medium voltage line, especially in rainy weather – the result is what we saw in Braila County. Our surveys show with certainty that viable solutions can be applied to avoid similar disasters to those in Braila happen again, but they cost and their implementation rests with the electricity companies, which in turn are not obliged by law to put them into practice. Our 25 years work in bird and nature conservation compels us to take action and continue to ask companies to think about the biodiversity and legislators to oblige companies with laws to implement rightful measures.    

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