The fascinating life of owls

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The owls are mysterious birds that makes their presence heard, but usually not seen.  These nocturnal birds of prey have many characteristics that set it apart from other predatory birds.

The owls took centre stage in an activity organized by us at the “Ion Vlasiu” Technological High School in Târgu Mureș for some of the high school students with whom we regularly do activities. In the school’s well-equipped laboratory, the participants had the chance to get to know closely the 10 species of owls that can be found in our country, such as the Little Owl, the Tawny Owl or the Long-eared Owl. During the two hours the students learned about the sounds produced by each species, which will help in identifying them.

Owls do not digest the hairs and bones of their prey and regurgitate them in the form of lumps called pellets. One of the most important methods of researching these species is to analyze these pellets. From the pallets dissected by the students, they found out what small rodents were eaten by the owl.

This meeting ended with an overview of all the monitoring activities that students can participate in, and the importance of volunteering, which is a topic of interest those attending “Ion Vlasiu” Technological High School in Târgu Mureș.

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