Owl Identification guide

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In December 2017 the Herman Otto Nonprofit Institute published a book which is at the same time a practical guide and a handbook meant to assist the identification and conservation of the 12 existing owl species (and European Nightjar) in Hungary and Romania. The title of the book is: Practical conservation and identification of owl species of Hungary.

Beside the species identification keys this long-awaited matherial includes also features to address the sex and age identification, which will alow us to collect accurate data in the field in case of birds in hand. In the writing of the different chapters, experienced bird ringers and conservation specialists were involved. Due to this, the book, beside the international literature strongly relies on data collected by authors and on their experience in nature conservation.The guide is a useful source not only for the specialist, but to anyone interested to learn about owls and their conservation.

The editors of the book are Hámori Dániel and Csörgő Tibor, but the chapters were written by different Hungarian and Romanian experts. Two members of the Milvus Group (Daróczi J. Szilárd and Marton Attila) also contributed to writing the book.

For the moment the publication is only available in Hungarian language, and can be ordered from the Herman Ottó Instézet Nonprofit Kft.

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