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Another adult female bear saved from poachers’ snare and collared

DSCF5760On the afternoon of September 24 (exactly one month after a similar intervention) we have managed to safely release yet another adult female bear from a snare set by poachers in our bear project’s hillside target area. We were announced by the local hunting association and we arrived on the scene a few hours later. The bear was caught very close to a village, on the bank of a small river. The rescue operation was carried out in cooperation with members of the local hunting association, while the veterinarian assistance was provided by Vets4Wild. Continue reading

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Orphaned bear cubs found and taken into care

DSCF5076On the 5th of March, the Gurghiu Forest District contacted Vets4Wild Association about two bear cubs that had recently been taken into the institution’s custody. The two small females (approximately 2 months old, both female) were found a few days earlier by a local from Ibănești (Mureș county), who immediately reported the case to the local foresters. Colleagues from Vets4wild and from the Milvus Group went to Gurghiu the same day to take the cubs somewhere they could be looked after until they were old enough to return to the wild unassisted. After a night spent in Tirgu Mures, the following morning the two small bears were transported and handed over to the Orphaned Bear Rehabilitation Center, which is led by Leonardo Bereczky (Hășmaș Mountains, Harghita county). Continue reading

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The 6th Forest School organized by Milvus Group

In the beginning of July 2012 Milvus Group organized the 6th traditional camp in the Forest School from Rigmani (Mureş county). This year the camp was financed by the Environmental Fund Administration (www.afm.ro) in the frame of the project entitled “Ecological education for a sustainable future”. The participants were accommodated in traditional tents called yurts. With the help of specialists, during the camp they had the opportunity to take part in new and interesting activities: they got acquainted with common amphibian and reptile species, the methods in studying the movements and behaviour of the brown bear, they visited a nearby bear den and during their trip a botanist presented plant species from different habitats. Continue reading

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First bear captured by the Milvus Group

On the 9th of April 2011, the Milvus Group has captured, successfully anesthetized and, after mounting a GPS-GSM collar (made by Vectronic Aerospace) on it, has released its first bear. The bear, an adult male weighing approx. 250 kilograms, was captured in Harghita County, several kilometers away from the town of Sovata. The capture team consisted of Károly Illyés and Károly Pál (professional gamekeepers, assistants within the bear project), Levente Borka (veterinarian) and the bear project coordinator, Csaba Domokos. The collar is working well and is already sending information on the animal’s activity.

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