Rescuing an orphaned bear cub

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On June 10 we have rescued an orphaned bear cub from the village of Ibănești (Gurghiu Valley, Mureș County), with the help of Vets4Wild, the local voluntary firemen service, the Romanian Gendarmerie and the National Environmental Guard – Mureș County Commissariat. As the 4-5 months-old female bear was seen wondering alone for approximately 2 weeks, being often observed in the village, it became necessary to capture her. Eventually the cub was captured from a tree in a yard and transported to Tîrgu Mureș. The next day (June 11) she was handed over to a specialized rehabilitation center near Bălan, Harghita County (Bear Again Rehabilitation Center for Orphan Bears). The cub will spend approximately 2 years in the rehabilitation center (forested area surrounded by electric fences), in the company of other orphaned cubs and without coming into contact with people (for example, the feeding of the cubs is carried out with a drone). At the end of the rehabilitation process she will be released into the wild. This was the second bear cub rescued this year, and the 30th in total to enter the joint temporary custody of the Milvus Group and Vets4Wild.

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