Orphaned bear cubs found and taken into care

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On the 5th of March, the Gurghiu Forest District contacted Vets4Wild Association about two bear cubs that had recently been taken into the institution’s custody. The two small females (approximately 2 months old, both female) were found a few days earlier by a local from Ibănești (Mureș county), who immediately reported the case to the local foresters. Colleagues from Vets4wild and from the Milvus Group went to Gurghiu the same day to take the cubs somewhere they could be looked after until they were old enough to return to the wild unassisted. After a night spent in Tirgu Mures, the following morning the two small bears were transported and handed over to the Orphaned Bear Rehabilitation Center, which is led by Leonardo Bereczky (Hășmaș Mountains, Harghita county). After approximately two years spent in the Center’s large, forested enclosures – isolated from human contact but in the company of other orphaned bear cubs– the two females will be released back into the wild. Following their release, the bears will be continuously monitored with the aid of GPS collars.

We would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to the forestry specialists from the Gurghiu Forest District.

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