Atlas of Eurasian and African Bird Migration

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We all want to enjoy the results of our work as soon as possible. But in some cases it takes thousands of hours spent in the field, tens of thousands of data collected and many, many years. The work of a decade of thousands of ornithologists, professional and volunteer ringers and researchers has resulted in the Atlas of Migrations.

The Atlas of Eurasian and African Bird Migration is an online atlas covering a huge geographical area represented by two continents, encompassing the migration routes between Eurasia and Africa. The movements in time and space of 300 bird species are mapped and analysed, based on data collected by European ringing systems over more than a century and compiled in the EURING database.

Map from the bird atlas showing overall connectivity for Barn Swallows

Another unique feature of this atlas is that for more than 100 species included in this atlas, the online mapping tool overlays movement patterns based on ringed bird recoveries with data available from electronic tracking devices, mainly satellite transmitters, GPS-GSM tags or geolocators, providing the most complete information available.

Another key feature of this atlas is the four research modules that address different aspects of bird migration and bird-human relationships. All are highly relevant to bird conservation at international and flyway scales. These research modules address the following topics:

  • Historical changes in migration patterns;
  • Intentional killing of birds by man;
  • Migration seasons of hunted species;
  • Migration Connectivity within the European and African Migration System.

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