The second satellite transmitter mounted on a Saker Falcon in Romania

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On the 1st of June 2012, coordinated by the Milvus Group, a satellite transmitter was mounted on a Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug), the second one in Romania. The aim of these activities is to gather information about the life of Sakers. By following the movements of these birds, ornithologists can discover all the factors threatening the birds during their flight and identify adequate conservation measures, indispensable to stabilize the species’ breeding population.

Photo: Socrate Adrianopolit

The juvenile female Saker of which the transmitter was mounted on, was named Thea. Since the falcons do not make their own nest, in early spring this year Thea`s parents occupied an abandoned Raven nest, mounted on a high voltage transmission tower, where they laid eggs and started breeding. Due to the destruction of natural habitats from Romania, especially cutting of solitary trees from open landscapes, Sakers are forced to nest on high voltage electricity pylons. This is the only successfully breeding Saker pair known from Romania in 2012.

Soon after Thea will leave the nest we will be able to follow her movements on the page of our project website:

For more information about this event please follow this link:

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