Invitation to skygazing!

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We invite you to go for a twilight stroll and gaze at the sky! When the sun is about to set, hundreds, perhaps thousands of Red-footed Falcons meet at the usual gathering places.

Photo: Theodora Chirilă

Here, the eye-catching falcons prepare to make a journey of thousands of kilometers. Almost without stopping, they will cross the Mediterranean and then the Sahara to arrive in southern Africa, where they will enjoy better weather and food sources during the winter.

We have been monitoring these gathering sites for 15 years now, as part of an extensive monitoring programme covering the entire Pannonian Plain. This means that every Wednesday evening between August and October, we ‘inspect’ the sky in different places in Romania, Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia. Last year we did synchronous counts at 3 locations, but this year we will count blue-winged teals at four gathering sites – in Livada de Bihor (Bihor County), Sânmărtin (Arad County), Variaș (Timis County) and Livezile (Timis County).

We would like to share this unique experience with you. If you have a pair of binoculars and want to have a memorable evening, join us! Please let our colleague Attila Nagy know your intention by calling 0728-303.868.

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