Innovative nest boxes for Rollers: wood – concrete

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Taking advantage of the mild and sunny weather at the beginning of February, we began to replace the timber roller nestboxes mounted on high voltage poles in Chișineu-Criș area (Arad County). These artificial nests were placed in the first year of the LIFE+ project “Conservation of the European Roller in the Carpathian Basin” and have annually a very good occupancy rate. Due to the record number of occupied nests from the last year we decided to place a larger number of wood-concrete nestoxes in this area. During this field action a total of 25 wood-concrete nests were placed on concrete poles. Our work will continue on several other areas before the Rollers will arrive. These artificial nests have a much longer lifespan than wooden nestboxes so they can provide a safe breeding opportunity for up to 25 years. The removed wood nestboxes have been carefully cleaned and where it was necessary were refit. Many of them have been reinstalled in new places (solitary trees and tree patches), suitable for Rollers.
The removed wood nestbox installed in a new place

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