Artificial nests for Tengemalm’s Owl

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madarOver the past few days, members of Milvus Group have mounted 20 nestboxes for Tengemalm’s Owl (Aegolius funereus) in the Gurghiu and Giurgeu Mountains, the areas where during this spring we noted the presence of the species. Much of the forest in these mountains is being profoundly affected by logging, meaning that many of the old trees which are adequate for Tengelmam’s Owl nesting are significantly decreased. A number of 2-3 nestboxes were mounted in each territory, 5-7 m above ground, mainly in spruce forests at 1000 m altitude, spaced 150-200 m apart from each other. It is known that the Tengelmam’s Owl prefers artificial nestboxes, so our aim was to offer a safe nesting place for this species. This way not only do we secure appropriate nesting conditions but we can find out the small mammals species which occur in that region by collecting pellets after the nesting period. This activity is to continue and 25 more nestboxes will be placed in the same regions in near future. We would like to thank Pál Lajos for his contribution in the manufacturing of the nestboxes.

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