Arlie the Lesser Spotted Eagle arrives back in Romania

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Arlie, the Lesser Spotted Eagle which the Conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle LIFE project team have been tracking by satellite transmitter since last year, has arrived back in Romania after a long migration through Africa. On Wednesday, his GPS coordinates showed him to flying at about 1260m altitude over the Carpathian Curve, around 50 km East of Brașov.

Since leaving his nest 206 days ago, in September last year, Arlie has travelled 24468 km. His journey took him through three continents and 17 countries. From the 1106 transmissions we received from him, his journey could be charted down through the Bosphorus bottleneck and along the east coast of Africa, before veering west to Namibia where he spent the winter.

Arlie migration route

His return, following roughly the same route, has so far taken just under two months. However, we must still wait a few days before he reaches his nesting area near Berivoi, Piemontul Făgăraș.

Arlie’s migration can be followed here.

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