Milvus scholarship 2015

“Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association is launching the Milvus scholarship dedicated for student researchers interested in biology, ecology or nature conservation for year 2015-2016 Our main objective is to help students to develop research or conservation projects built upon original ideas and implemented by the new generation of researchers. The projects should be in line with the mission of the Milvus Group (protected animal and plant species, protected areas, future Natura 2000 sites, species monitoring, etc.) The maximum funding for individual projects is 1500 RON while for “team projects” is up to 3000 RON.
Deadline for submission: 16th of March 2015

For more information contact us at: office(at) or istvan.komaromi(at) email addresses.

Photo competition results

Winners of the 4th International Milvus Nature Photography Contest

The winning photos list and the photos selected for exhibition can be downloaded here.

Members of the jury:

Tamás András AFIAP – RO, president of jury

Dan Dinu AFIAP, PhotoLife – RO

Kerekes István EFIAP/p – HU

Media partners:

90 photographers sent pictures from 17 countries.

Free topic: 342 photos

Landscape topic: 190 photos

Grand prize (winner of the contest):

Szőke Attila/Slovacia – Mimicry

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The 3rd bi-monthly report of Milvus Rehabilitation Center (May-June 2012)

falche-butbutMay-June is the period when most birds from Romania are breeding. This is the period when the chicks of different breeding species fledge earlier and can fall into hands of benign people. It is best to leave these birds at the location where they were found, possibly in a place protected from predators (cats, dogs).

In May and June we received more calls than in the previous months. Totally 32 bird lovers from 12 localities asked for our help, in most cases about young birds which left their nest, this way seeming orphans. Most of them were released at the location of their finding. In this period 15 birds arrived to our center: 1 Sparrowhawk, 1 Common Buzzard, 2 Common Ravens, 1 White Stork, 6 Little Owls, 2 Long-Eared Owls, 2 Common Kestrels. Continue reading “The 3rd bi-monthly report of Milvus Rehabilitation Center (May-June 2012)”

The 2nd bi-monthly report of Milvus Rehabilitation Centre (March-April 2012)

After winter past and the snow melted, the birds which survived didn`t had problems in searching for food. In March-April we received fewer phone calls than in the previous period. A total of 15 bird lovers from 9 localities asked for our help to treat the weakened or injured birds found by them. The number of injured birds was much higher than the number of weakened ones. Continue reading “The 2nd bi-monthly report of Milvus Rehabilitation Centre (March-April 2012)”


This category will contain posts from our team.

A Rehabilitációs Központ I. kéthavi beszámolója (2012. január-február)

A január és február hónapok nagyon kedvezőtlenek voltak a Romániában telelő madarak számára a nagyon alacsony hőmérsékletek és az egyes területeken levő szokatlanul vastag hótakaró miatt. A legsebezhetőbbek ilyenkor a fiatal madarak, amelyek életükben első alkalommal kell megbirkózzanak a téllel. Nagyon sok (22) telefonhívást kaptunk, összesen 9 településről, amin keresztül a madárbarátok közvetlen vagy közvetett (tanácsok) segítséget kértek tőlünk. Continue reading “A Rehabilitációs Központ I. kéthavi beszámolója (2012. január-február)”

Regulament și măsuri minime de conservare-ROSPA0041 Eleșteele Iernut Cipău

Asociatia Grupul Milvus are in custodie situl Natura 2000 Elesteele Iernut Cipau, desemnate pe baza Directivei Pasari. Masurile minime de conservare pentru aceste situri respectiv regulamentul au fost realizate de catre membrii Grupului Milvus si sunt afisate pe situl Asteptam comentarii legat de aceste regulamente pana la data de 25.03.2012.

Propunerile de modificare și comentariile le puteți trimite prin poștă la adresa Asociației Grupul Milvus (OP3 CP39, 540620 Târgu Mureș), respectiv pe adresele de e-mail

Măsuri minime de conservare, Eleșteele Iernut Cipău-download pdf
Regulament, Eleșteele Iernut Cipău-download pdf

Autumn raptor migration study in Dobrogea

[singlepic id=770 w=320 h=240 float=left] Migration of raptors is phenomenon which always raised interest among members of Milvus Group. In the past few years several studies have been made in order to identify the main migration periods for each raptor species. Maybe the most relevant among these studies was carried out in the Măcin Mountains between 2002 and 2007 (link). Last year a new study was started with the aim to gather new and precise information about the migration routes in Dobrogea and to evaluate the possible impact of already built or future wind-farms from the area. Continue reading “Autumn raptor migration study in Dobrogea”