Taking part in the annual meeting of raptor conservation specialists in Hungary

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[singlepic id=482 w=250 h=200 float=left]Birds of prey usually occur in the top of the trophic pyramid, which means that because of the major changes caused by humans on ecological equilibrium make them more and more vulnerable. It’s a matter of fact that many raptor species are endangered and need conservation actions to survive. The specialists from Hungary have reached the top of the class in raptor conservation, as their efforts made in the last few decades lead to increase the national populations of some highly endangered birds of prey species, of which global effectives are permanently decreasing. Such species are the Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) and the Saker (Falco cherrug). The 7th edition of the scientific meeting of the Raptor conservation Working Group within the MME BirdLife Hungary, named ‘Sólyomcsalogató’ was held in Kecskemét, organized by the Kiskunság National Park. The Milvus Group is represented every year at these meetings, where raptor specialist from Hungary and the nearby regions present their results and experiences gained in the previous year. We consider quite useful to join to these events as our employees dealing with birds of prey learn new methods applied by our colleagues from abroad the frontier. In the same time the Romanian and Hungarian populations of some raptor species are common, meaning that their conservation can be done through transboundary cooperation only. After the presentations about the status of raptors in 2010 held in the first day of the meeting by the Hungarian specialists, the members of the Milvus Group taking part in this event had the opportunity in the second day to present our results achieved in the last years in the field of study and protection of birds of prey. Two materials were presented about the raptor migration camps organized at Bosporus in 2008 and Dobrudja in 2010 (link!!). The results form 2010 realised within the Lesser Spotted Eagle Life+ project (link!!) were presented as well. Clicking on the links from below you can download the materials (Hungarian only) presented by the Milvus Group at the 7th Edition of ‘Sólyomcsalogató’. We would say a big ‘thank you’ to the MME and Kiskunság NP for inviting us.

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