Spring and migrating birds are approaching! Follow the birds on the www.satellitetracking.eu

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Are you wondering where the migratory birds are? Do you miss Arlie? Unfortunately, we have not received any data from her transmitter for some good months, but we invite you to watch the migration routes of other Romanian birds marked with transmitters by the Milvus Group:
Marina and Ringlo are two Red – footed falcons that are now in Africa in different wintering locations.

Marina is in Angola: http://satellitetracking.eu/inds/showmap/?check_239=239

Ringlo is in Namibia: http://satellitetracking.eu/inds/showmap/?check_306=306

The sattelitetracking.eu site allows you to view on the map the exact location of many birds equipped with transmitters. You can choose the bird’s country of origin or the species  and you can filter the non-activ birds. Just push the ”Sent to map” button and you will be able to see the exact location of the chosen birds on a map.

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