A quarter of a century dedicated to birds and nature!

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logo_milvus25_2_atlatszoIf you asked us how it has been, we could answer like this: it felt like a big family, in a friendly atmosphere, but focused on and dedicated to the scientific nature of our conservation work, in order to change mentalities about biodiversity and implement sustainable education. We have been and will remain committed to protecting nature and safeguarding future! Join us! We mark our first 25 years with the following activities:

A day dedicated to birdwatching at Iernut fishponds!

Mark the date – 20th November! Do not miss a nice meeting with Milvus Group ornithologists. This Sunday, hopefully a sunny one, they will stand at your disposal, armed with field scopes and binoculars. radnot25In this period waterbirds of various species can be observed on the Iernut fishponds, such as ducks, coot, grebes, egrets, herons, and with some luck we may take a glimpse of some Nordic guests such as mergansers and loons. You will observe birds, receive explanations about wildlife and you will spend a day in nature! We welcome you between 10:00 and 14:00 on the banks of the Iernut fishponds! How to get there? Halfway between Iernut and Cuci on E60, turn right on Energeticianului Street toward the nearby thermal power plant. Take the first turn to your right, on the road that approaches the lakes. Turn right again, and continue on the shore of the first lake until you reach the observation tower! https://goo.gl/tCNu0n If you are interested, contact us at office@milvus.roiulia.vizi@milvus.ro or on the following telephone number: 0747416280.

photo25Opening of the 8th International “Milvus” Nature Photography Contest!

Be part of a dream! We invite you to an exercise of imagination full of adventures, but without any effort!

The 51 photos selected by a professional jury will take you through a variety of landscapes in a dizzying succession of the seasons. The experience will be complemented by the animals represented by the snapshots, impressing you without inspiring fear. A complete journey around the world through one of the most important nature photography competitions in Romania! The opening starts at 17:00 on 22nd of November 2016, at the History and Archaeology Museum (inside the Medieval Fortress), Tîrgu Mureș!

An opportunity not to be missed! A visit to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Sînsimion

rehab25Here, diagnosis and treatment is implemented by specialists from Vets4Wild Association, while the rehabilitation and release into the nature is carried out by Milvus Group. Special cages and spaces host dozens of injured wild animals every year, in an environment favourable for rehabilitation – Sînsimion locality! Sunday, November 27th, starting at 12:00 until 16:00 you are invited to participate on guided tours that will present the Centre and the wild animals that are housed in Sînsimion in this period. Please announce your presence at this event in order to form groups of visitors at one of the following addresses: office@milvus.roiulia.vizi@milvus.ro or on the following telephone number: 0747416280. You are welcomed!

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