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Dumbrăvioara online again

Dear friends of the storks, in the last few days we encountered technical problems with the live transmission from the Dumbrăvioara stork nest. We apologize, but these problems are sometimes unavoidable. Still, our contest continues. We are waiting for print screens with the first stork from the nest.

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First egg in the nest

Interesting discovery in the stork nest from Dumbravioara, during the night from 22rd to 23th of April: the “male” who occupied the nest (as we supposed, because usually males are occupying the nests) is actually a female. She laid the first egg at 03:57 a.m.

After only two hours, at 05:51 a.m. she throws the egg from the nest.

Seems like that we are witnessing the same events as last year (Link). Stay with us and watch the “soap opera” from the stork nest from Dumbravioara…

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Stork observing game: when will the stork’s pair arrive?

On 25 April 2012 at 14.56 PM Bartók Csaba was the first who observed the stork’s pair on the nest from Dumbrăvioara! Congratulations! Continue reading

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White Stork webcam


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White Stork webcam – Dumbrăvioara (Mureș county)

În direct:

Thank you all for the printscreens you’ve sent us! We are glad that you are with us during this spring. The winners of the competition, those who were first to observe a stork in the nest are: Dragoș Marinescu,­ ­­­­­Sinka Róbert, Iatan Eliza, Molnár Zsombor and Tibor Kiss. Join us as a new episode is just about to start at Dumbrăvioara’s stork nest!

Many thanks to the Netsoft team and Barta family for their support!


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