The White-throated Dippers, counted!

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On a sunny Sunday, four teams have strolled down the Toplița – Deda Gorge to carry on the White-throated Dippers Census. The birds, small black spots upon the ice islands on the Mureș River, were seen and reviewed by the 13 volunteers. 181 White-throated Dippers were conscientiously noted and observed in their natural environment. Monitoring this population is a concern for Milvus Group because the species is an important indicator of water purity (these bird consume invertebrates that live in clean water, full of oxygen). The importance of White-throated Dippers is even greater as the population in some European countries (Hungary, Great Britain) is dropping.


The habitat of this species is located in mountainous areas, on sprang water courses, in the coniferous and mixed forests. In winter, the river froze and the White-throated Dippers descend downstream.  This is why the census takes place in winter, in our area, on the river Mureș. As the route was divided into several sections, most individuals of this species were counted on Răstolița – Deda sector.
The most White-throated Dipper was seen between Deda-Răstolița section, totally 53 individuals.

Cinclus cinclus 2016

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