The avian flu and the bats

 Bats are not receptive to avian flu and they do not spread this disease. Nevertheless, they can also suffer – indirectly – because of the unfounded hysteria surrounding this over-mediatized disease. In a hospital from the city of Targu-Mures, pigeons, as possible spreaders of avian flu, were excluded from the attic with the aid of wire netting. The attic houses approximately 300 Geoffroy’s Bats (Myotis emarginatus), a rare and endangered species in the whole of Europe . The bats can’t pass through the wire netting, not even through the biggest holes. Searching for an exit, they infiltrated the hospital – through the door to the attic, which was not well closed – provoking panic amongst the people. Fortunately, we managed to capture and then release all of them (back to the attic). The next step was to change the wire netting with horizontally placed staves, which allows the bats to come and go without any difficulties, thus solving the problem. We would like to use the opportunity to thank everybody who contributed to saving these bats.

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