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Dumbrăvioara online again

Dear friends of the storks, in the last few days we encountered technical problems with the live transmission from the Dumbrăvioara stork nest. We apologize, but these problems are sometimes unavoidable. Still, our contest continues. We are waiting for print screens with the first stork from the nest.

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A Year with Transylvania’s Lesser Spotted Eagles

chick 1As autumn rolls around and the Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina) sets off on its yearly migration down to its winter quarters in Central and Southern Africa, we can look back on what has been a successful year for the Life Pomarina Conservation Project. Jointly implemented by Milvus Group, The Environmental Protection Agency Sibiu and the Romanian Ornithological Society, the project aims to ensure conditions to achieve and maintain favorable conservation status for the eagles across three Special Protection Areas (SPA) in Transylvania. Of these sites, Milvus Group is directly responsible for two: Dealurile Târnavelor – Valea Nirajului and Podişul Hârtibaciului. Continue reading

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The contest “I also take part in Natura 2000” has ended


In November 2012, Milvus Group launched the “I also take part in Natura 2000” contest, for which more than 500 pupils registered. A total of 309 pupils from 16 school succeeded in finishing the first two stages of the contest. Pupils from schools in the Natura 2000 protected area of Hârtibaciu, Târnava Mare, had to solve two complex tests with questions about protected species from their locality, concepts of nature conservation, local traditions, folk customs, agricultural methods for nature conservation and Natura 2000.

Continue reading

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Mounting artificial nests and searching for new Lesser Spotted Eagle nests

nest2artificial nestWhile all Lesser Spotted Eagles started their spring migration in Africa, Milvus Group has started their seasonal conservation activities in Romania for the eagles arriving back home.

One of the most important activities is searching for new eagle nests. While there are no leaves on the trees it is easier to find the nest of raptors. Until now we visited 12 forests in 9 days in the Natura 2000 sites from Valea Nirajului and Podișul Hârtibaciului. Continue reading

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The 2012 events from the stork nest with web camera

Photo: Kósa Ferenc

The events in the stork nest with the mounted web camera from Dumbrăvioara could be followed this year also on the Milvus Group webpage, unfortunately with some interruptions. In this year the camera was changed to a night-vision one, thus the storks in the nest were visible also in the dark.

Same as last year, this year the events turned out very interesting and surprising. Continue reading

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Mounting of artificial nests for Saker Falcon has been started in the Western part of Romania

Typical treeless Saker habitat in Western Romania (Photo: Attila Nagy)

In the last two years, the employees of the Milvus Group working on the Falco cherrug conservation LIFE+ project expansively examined the suitable natural nests for Saker Falcons occurring in the Western part of Romania. The results clearly show that the lack of such nests is one of the most important limiting factors for Sakers to inhabit these regions. Falcon species do not make nests of their own, they typically use nests built by other birds to breed, and Saker Falcon is no exception to this rule. Unfortunately solitaire trees and small tree patches, which are proper habitats for different species of raptors or Corvids to build their nests, are widely missing from Western Romania. In these conditions they cannot provide breeding places for Sakers, as well. The South-western part of Romania, named Banat, is such a place, where the only natural nests suitable for Sakers occur on pylons of high voltage powerlines. Continue reading

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Stork observing game: when will the first stork chick hatch?

On 25 April 2012 at 14.56 PM Bartók Csaba was the first who observed the stork’s pair on the nest from Dumbrăvioara!

After a short technical break the web camera is working again and the observers happily discovered the three eggs in the stork nest from Dumbrăvioara. We are now curious about when the first stork chick will hatch, so we launch a new game: who will observe the first hatched stork?

The rules of the game: the players have to follow the online webcam exclusively on the homepage of Milvus Group (http://milvus.ro/category/live-webcam, but e.g. from the webpage of Justin TV it is not valid). They have to save the image (with the help of Print Screen, Screen Capture, etc.) as an image file and send it in JPG format with their name and location to the competition@milvus.ro address. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to the same address.

* By pressing the Print Screen (Prt Scn) button, the picture from your screen is copied, then you can paste it (CTRL+V) into Paint or similar programs, from where you can save it in JPG format.

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Conservation measures for saving the Lesser Spotted Eagle in Romania

The Lesser Spotted Eagle is an endangered, protected species and some 22% of its world population breeds in Romania. The Regional Environmental Protection Agency of Sibiu, “Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association and the Romanian Ornithological Society are implementing a LIFE project financed by the European Union, which has the objective of ensuring the optimal conditions for the conservation of this species.

On the 22th of March 2012 members of Milvus Group checked one of the Lesser Spotted Eagle nests, known to them since the year 1999, near Valea locality, Mureș county, but they found only logged trees instead of the oak with the Lesser Spotted Eagle nest. Continue reading

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First egg in the nest

Interesting discovery in the stork nest from Dumbravioara, during the night from 22rd to 23th of April: the “male” who occupied the nest (as we supposed, because usually males are occupying the nests) is actually a female. She laid the first egg at 03:57 a.m.

After only two hours, at 05:51 a.m. she throws the egg from the nest.

Seems like that we are witnessing the same events as last year (Link). Stay with us and watch the “soap opera” from the stork nest from Dumbravioara…

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Intruders at the stork nest

On the 18th of April 2012 an observer („dika”) attracted our attention on the stork nest, where another stork was apparently present. Let`s see the images:

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