Summer adventure

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1Excursions, birds, yurts, sleeping bags, environmental education games and more games! These filled the summer adventure for more than 30 children that participated at the tenth Milvus Forest School in Righmani, Mureș County. For one week, children have played the role of small explorers and had the opportunity to participate in interactive discussions about animals and regarding how nature works. 4 nap1The lecturers, biologist and researchers from Sapientia and „Babeș – Bolyai” University as well as the Milvus Groups own experts, have guided the “curious ones” upon the path of science – birds were captured and ringed for the children’s delight, bats’ life was explained (Bat Protection Association) and a bat observation was organised near a lake; the spiders chapter was also tackled, explanations clarified many concerns of the participants. Observation of animal traces on the mud trails and the capturing of a hazel dormouse, were moments full of delight and considered among the best by the children. The workshop in which refrigerator magnets were made with the use of small mammal bones (from owl pellets) was also appreciated! The  purpose of the Milvus Forest School is to give as many children as possible, novel information and experience in nature. How different is to learn about animals and plant in the middle of nature! And if you are not convinced, take a look on the photos. CLICK HERE!

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