The contest “I also take part in Natura 2000” has ended

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In November 2012, Milvus Group launched the “I also take part in Natura 2000” contest, for which more than 500 pupils registered. A total of 309 pupils from 16 school succeeded in finishing the first two stages of the contest. Pupils from schools in the Natura 2000 protected area of Hârtibaciu, Târnava Mare, had to solve two complex tests with questions about protected species from their locality, concepts of nature conservation, local traditions, folk customs, agricultural methods for nature conservation and Natura 2000. 942005_603586289660362_427282570_nAfter the results came in, the teams were selected and the final stage of the contest began, first on the 25th May with 7 teams from VI-VIII grades, and then on the 1st June with 10 teams of younger participants from II-V grades. The finals were held in the Radu Negru National College in Făgăraș, Brasov county where the participants warmed up with a series of duties and missions before starting on the final stage. For this, each team prepared bird feeders, nests and artificial nests, create a symbol for their team, and finally present their nature conservation activity and the natural habitats from their locality. First place winner among the II-V graders was the team from Jibert, the second place went to the team from Făgăraș and the third to the team from Agnita. Each team from the final stage of the contest was rewarded with a one day trip to the Bucegi Mountains. 7743_607010185984639_203751813_nThe winner teams: 1st place. Rândunelele călătoare (Migrating swallows): Stănica Alexandra, Strugari Nicoleta, Țichindeal Rafael, Ghiță Camelia teacher – Primary School from Jibert 2nd place. Privighetoarea (Nightingale): Mihaiu Victor, Bica Andreea, Ciolan Bianca- not present at the final contest, Deceanu Raluca and Cabel Silvia teacher – „Ovid Densușianu”Gymnasium, Făgăraș. 3rd place. Floricica (Little flower): Drăgan Bianca, Oros Cristina replaced by Gavriliu Iulia at the final contest, Tiriba Alexia, David Cornelia- Ioana teacher –„G. D. Teutsch” Primary School, Agnita From the VI-VII grades the team from Jibert won the first place , while the second and third places went to the teams from Făgăraș and Mediaș, respecively. Each team from the final stage of the contest was rewarded with a 6 day camp similar to last year’s, organized by Milvus Group. DSC07219The winner teams: 1st place. Viperele (Vipers): Vaida Darius Teodor, Vaida Teodor Ștefan, Rusu Adrian Gheorghe, Vătavu Anca teacher – Primary School from Jibert 2nd place. Exploratorii (The explorers): Dumitrescu Diana, Drăgulescu Sonia, Măcin Daniel, Pirău Maria teacher – „Radu Negru” National College, Făgăraș 3rd place.  Planeta verde (Green planet): Apostol Diana, Denghel Teodora, Rîtea Bianca, Tița Luciana teacher –„Constantin Ioan Motaș” Gymnasium, Mediaș DSC07086295650_607002949318696_1216531865_nThe following jury was invited to the final contests: Maria Mihul (WWF), Mihaela Nechifor (WWF), Joachim Cotaru (WWF local coordinator), Tamás Papp (president of Milvus Group), Szilárd J. Daróczi (Milvus Group), Iulia Vizi (press), Georgeta Sima (biology teacher), Loredana Petcu (school-teacher). Everyone involved – the participants, the jury and the organizers – seemed to have great time during the two final contests, and all participants went home with lots of new knowledge about wildlife and conservation. Thanks for everyone who took part on the contests! These contests were organized in the frame of “For nature and local communities – the bases for a Natura 2000 integrated management in Hârtibaciu – Târnava Mare area” project, co-financed by the European Union Regional Fund (SOP), implemented by WWF Romania in partnership with ADEPT Foundation, Mihai Eminescu Trust, Environmental Protection Agency Sibiu and EcoTur Sibiu (

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