The second “I also take part of Natura 2000” contest comes to an end

5After the success of the first edition of the “I also take part of Natura 2000 contest” the second edition was launched in October 2013.

This year more than 200 pupils registered, and 129 pupils from 8 schools managed to finish the first two stages of the contest. In this edition children from the Hârtibaciu – Târnava Mare – Olt Natura 2000 sites had to solve two complex tests, which contained information about protected species from their localities, nature conservation concepts, local traditions, popular traditions and owl pellet analyses.

1The winning teams were invited to the final contest, which were held on the 17th of May 8 teams from II-IV grades, and on 24th of May 7 team from V-VIII grades and took place in the “Ilarion Cocisiu” House of Culture from Agnita (Sibiu county). Milvus Group had arranged various interesting missions and tasks for the teams, but the pupils also had to be prepared for the final: they had to prepare a flag for their team, present the most beautiful place from their locality, drawing a house with economical energy, present nature protection actions, count White Stork and swallow nest in their locality, recognise species and prepare an advertisement for an animal or plant.

The first place winner among the II-IV graders was the team from Jibert, the second place went to the team from Merghindeal and the third to the team from Agnita. Each team from the final stage of the contest was rewarded with a one day trip to Sovata and Praid.

3The winner teams:

1st place. Fluturii (Butterflies): Langa Adriana Georgiana, Oancea Ana Maria, Codlean George, Braga Viorica, Kovács Edit Enikő teacher – Primary School from Jibert.

2nd place. Șoimi călători (Peregrine falcons): Muntean Georgiana, Vetra Gabriela, Humulescu Riana, Lepșa Claudia teacher – Primary School from Merghindeal.

3rd place. Colț Alb (White Fang): Răchită Anastasia, Cruceru Iulia, Urian Daria, Toma Aurica teacher – „G. D. Teutsch” Primary School, Agnita.

From the V-VII grades, the team from Jibert won the first place, while the second and third places went to the teams from Mediaș and Agnita, respectively. Each team from the final stage of the contest was rewarded with a 6 day session similar to last year’s, organized by Milvus Group.

4The winner teams:

1st place. Fazanii (Pheasants): Vaida Darius Teodor, Strugari Nicoleta, Stănică, Braga Viorica teacher – Primary School from Jibert.

2nd place. Planeta verde (Green Planet): Alexandru Novac, Apostol Diana, Teodora Denghel, Tița Luciana teacher– „Constantin Ioan Motaș” Gymnasium, Mediaș.

3rd place. Tedi: Bogdan Dobre, Gavriliu Iulia, Drăgan Bianca David Ioana Cornelia teacher –  “G. D. Teutsch” Primary School, Agnita.

2The following jury was invited to the final contests: Maria Mihul (WWF),  Mihaela Nechifor (WWF), Joachim Cotaru (WWF coordonator local), Ben Mehedin (ADEPT Foundation), Ilarion Ioan (Local Action Group Agnita) Tamás Papp (president of Milvus Group), Iulia Vizi (press), Loredana Petcu (school-teacher).

The participants, the jury and the organisers had great time and learned lot of valuable things. Thanks for everyone who took part on the contests!

These contests were organized as part of “For nature and local communities – the bases for a Natura 2000 integrated management in Hârtibaciu – Târnava Mare area” project, co-financed by the European Union Regional Fund (SOP), implemented by WWF Romania in partnership with ADEPT Foundation, Mihai Eminescu Trust, Environmental Protection Agency Sibiu and EcoTur Sibiu (

Click for more photos from the contests of the II-IV grades.

Click for more photos from the contests of the V-VIII grades.


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