First steps taken to rehabilitate a juvenile Saker Falcon

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The bird kept at the Mureș Floodplain Natural Park office
Photo: Herlo Gabriel, biologist at Mureș Floodplain Natural Park
In the past days members of Milvus Group and employees of the Saker Falcon conservation project were contacted by employees of the Mureș Floodplain Natural Park because of a Saker Falcon they had at their office. After members of Milvus Group arrived to the office of the Natural Park they realized that the bird is a juvenile male Saker Falcon, which was found 3 weeks ago by a person on a field near Arad, as told by the employees of the Natural Park. The person realized that this was an injured raptor and took it to a small animal clinic. The bird underwent a routine medical examination but had no injuries or fractures. However it doesn’t show any signs of being capable to fly. At the moment the bird is on its way to the Rehabilitation Centre of Milvus Group from Tîrgu-Mureș, where it will be examined again and treated adequately until complete recovery. Hopefully we are only dealing with a weaken bird, as it happens sometimes when they do not eat normally for a couple of days.
Recovery of Romanian injured, weakened Saker Falcons: on the way to the Rehabilitation Center
Photo: Luca Dehelean, Milvus Group
Photo: Luca Dehelean
This beautiful bird will be the first of this species which will benefit from the facilities of the Rehabilitation Centre made in the frame of the Life project. We are grateful to the employees of the Mureș Floodplain Natural Park for the cooperation, and we hope that we will soon be able to release the bird together in his natural habitat.

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